The project's scope of work consists of a new Presidential Palace located
in Abu Dhabi.
The Palace is utilised to house the offices of H.H. The President, H.H.
The Vice President, H.H. The Crown Prince, and the Ministers.
The facility serve an important role as the primary governmental facility
for receiving visiting dignitaries.
The location of the new Presidential Palace is Ras al Akhdar peninsula
adjacent to the Emirates Palace Hotel.
CLIENT: Ministry of Presidential Affairs(MOPA)
CONSTRUCTION COST // Confidential (in excess of $2 billion)
Total SITE AREA: approximately 150 hectares
MAIN BUILDING: 134,275 sq.m.
The complex also include three palatial wings:
- H.H. PRESIDENTIAL WING: (30,797 sq.m.)
- H.H. VICE PRESIDENT WING: (23,710 sq.m.)
- H.H. CROWN PRINCE WING: (22,854 sq.m.)


The pro-ject involved both our standard production and customized
products as well.
There are a total of over 1.500 pieces produced, from Annibale Colombo
which involved various areas of the building, both the public
areas and the VIP Areas as follows:
Entrance Hall, Main Hall, Hall, Lobby, Protocol Waiting, Dining
Room, Meeting Room, Waiting Room, Secretary Room, Office Room,
Majlis Room, Mukhtaser, HH Toilet, Private Majlis, HH Lobby,
Dining, HH Office, HH Meeting.
Annibale Colombo have dealt with the complete management of the
project, the execution of the shop drawings, samples of all materials,
the production of mock-ups for approval, the production of products,
shipping and installation on site.

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