Ivano Colombo

Ivano Maria Colombo was born in Monza on May 14th 1973.

He achieved the diploma of artistic high school, frequenting courses of specialization in painting and sculpture, with a great passion for the art in all its forms; subsequently he frequented the Faculty of Architecture, with great attention for the architectural detail and the relationship among built and landscape, new and old built.

After the architectural studies he started to work in the family company “Annibale Colombo Srl”, that from over two generations is considered leader in the production of classical furniture.

Working in the company he had the opportunity to develop his interests for the new but also for the traditional materials, in relationship to the handicraft and industrial techniques of production.

Thanks to his teachers (the Cabinetmakers in the company), he was able to experiment his manual capacity to manufacture an object with passion, and to developed the love for the unique pieces that brings inside the merits and defects of the person that created them.

Thanks to this direct experience, he started to design new models (for the standard production but also for custom made production), and contemporarily he widened his formative run with the planning of Residences, Villas, Hotels and Boats all over the world, taking care of all the aspects, aesthetical and logistic, giving a personalized and complete service to the clients.

Especially regarding the interior design, he takes particular attention to the proportions of the furniture, to the equilibrium and the contrast of the styles, to the choice of the woods and of the finishes, besides the great care for the selection of the fabrics and the suppliers, to end with the love for all the kind of accessories.

The starting point is the passion for his country, Italy, where in every place a foreshortening of history and art can be met; this fortune has contributed to develop the sensibility of the planner and to grow the responsibility for a fantastic job that has the duty to leave not only objects of economic value, but also artistic and cultural, with one definition only: " The collection Annibale Colombo”

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